Mobile Development

We understand that your application needs to stand out from the competition

Smartphones and apps have changed the way consumers shop, communicate, socialize, consume services, and absorb information. If your customer can’t reach you with the push of a single button on a screen, you’re already at a competitive disadvantage.

We offer you our personalized business mobile application development services that provide power and make your business environment more transparent, intelligent, secure, and communicative for your user.


GBSYS offers powerful software development to satisfy the unique needs of our customers.

Our key belief is the use of technology to solve big problems, it is what makes us a leading company in application development. We want to change millions of lives by creating solutions that our customers love.

194 billion mobile phone apps were downloaded in 2019.

The number of people who own a feature rich smartphone is 4.78 billion, which represents 61.67%

The number of people who own a feature rich smartphone is 4.78 billion, which represents 61.67% of the world’s population according to BankMyCell.

  • Mobile app revenue is expected to reach $189 billion by 2020.


  • By 2025, 72% of all Internet users will only use smartphones to access the web.


  • Users have an average of 69% of their time using their smartphone.

Our teams use Agile Methodologies to build your software solutions.  The software development cycle is dominated by an iterative process.  Each iteration produces the next software component.

Our Agile Process


Planning of value delivery objectives for the iteration.


Design and Develop the software based on the objects defined.


Quality Assurance Testing to verify the functionality of the deliverable.


Integrate and deliver the software iteration ready for delivering.

Inspect and Adapt

Listen to comments from customers and stakeholders and include them into the next iteration.

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