Back-End Development

The backend is a hidden but important part of the interface of a web application

Working with many industries for nearly 3 decades, we understand your business needs, as well as your users’ desire for a best-in-class desktop experience while using a website. Our team aims to create the highest quality solutions because we believe in products that help our customers improve their processes through technology.


We offer backend solutions for simple or complex web systems that store, manage and process data hosted in different sources

It is crucial for our teams to create secure and optimized solutions that are easy-scalable to the cloud.

Back-End development is the "behind the scenes" part of web development

What are back-end technologies?

Back-end development is the mystical side of web development. Back-end developers are involved in building the actual logic that an application or website works on.  Some of the key skills that software developers should have include a deep understanding of the back-end programming language/framework, accessibility and security compliance, a basic understanding of front-end web technologies like HTML, CSS, and the ability to manage a local development environment.

This is the list of the best back-end tools developers should know about:

  • Language and Frameworks
  • Web servers
  • Database management systems
  • Microservices platforms
  • Local development environments
  • Website performance testers

Our teams use Agile Methodologies to build your software solutions.  The software development cycle is dominated by an iterative process.  Each iteration produces the next software component.

Our Agile Process


Planning of value delivery objectives for the iteration.


Design and Develop the software based on the objects defined.


Quality Assurance Testing to verify the functionality of the deliverable.


Integrate and deliver the software iteration ready for delivering.

Inspect and Adapt

Listen to comments from customers and stakeholders and include them into the next iteration.

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